Al Miraj Tour

Visit the land of Al Isra Wal Miraj The first Qibla the third holiest city

Special Tour 7 Days - 6 Nights
Tel Aviv Muslim Holy Sites

A Journey on the Footsteps of Prophets
Explore the Islamic holy sites in Palestine

A place where the miraculous night of Miraj occurred. Centuries of efforts by Muslim rulers and holy leaders have worked to develop and protect the beauty and religious heritage of Al Aqsa as it presently stands. The journey continues to visit the land of prophets, From Al Quds to Jericho via Bethlehem, Al Khalil to Ramallah, proceed to Nablus, Jaffa, Akko and Haifa, the sacred and historical sites of Islam in Palestine.


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  • Friday prayer at Al Aqsa Mosque.
  • Visit old city of Jerusalem (Al Quds) and shops.
  • Visit Omar Al-khatab mosque – Holy Sepulcher church and Alburaq Wall /Western Wall.
  • The Mount of Olives, Maqam Rabia Al Adawiyya and Maqam Salmân al-Farisi.
  • Bethlehem birthplace of Prophet Issa.
  • Hebron “Al Khalil”, historic center.
  • Al-Ibrahimi Mosque.
  • Jericho –Hisham palace and Maqam Al Nabi Mosa .
  • Dead Sea.
  • Nablus and architectural remains and tasting the oriental pastries- "Kenafeh".
  • Arafat Museum in Ramallah.
  • Haifa and the Baha’i Gardens
  • Akko and El Jazzar mosque

Day 1: Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem “Al Quds”
Arrival at Tel-Aviv airport. Welcome and reception by a member of our team. Transfer to Jerusalem, dinner and overnight at hotel in Jerusalem.


Day 2: Al Quds.  Friday prayer at Masjed Al Aqsa
After breakfast, the day will be spent visiting the old city of Al Quds, a city holy to the three monotheistic religions. Discovery of the rich Islamic, archaeological, historical and religious heritage of Al Quds. Head to Al Aqsa Mosque, (Haram-es-Sherif), the first Qibla, the second mosque built 40 years after the Kaaba, and the third holiest site in Islam after Mecca and Medina. Visit of the site with its numerous monuments dating from pre-Islamic periods. Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa. Then plunged into the souk's colorful alleys which will take you to the meeting places of the three major monotheistic religions: the Via Dolorosa, Omar Ebn Al Khatab mosque and the Holy Sepulchre, one of emblems of Christianity. Visit Haet Albourak (the Wailing Wall). Continue by taking the ancient Roman road, the Cardo, located in the heart of the old town, for Jabel Alnabi Daoud, visit Almaeda, the room of the Last Supper, and Makam Alnabi Daoud, tomb of the Prophet David. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Al Quds.


Day 3: Al Quds - Bethlehem – Hebron “Al Khalil’
After breakfast, you will continue visiting Al Quds by going to the Mount of Olives. The highest peak, at-Tur, rises to 827 meters and offers not only a splendid view on the old city, but also an important place in the history of three monotheist religions. Visit Maqam Raba'a el Adwiya; considered to be the first mystic of Islam. It is in poems that she expresses her spirituality. Today she is one of the most famous women in Islam. Visit Maqam Salman Al Farisi, a companion of Khalif Omar Ben Al Khtab. All together they reached Al Quds in 638 CE.  Drive to Bethlehem, birthplace of Nabi Aïssa ﷺ, visit the Church of the Nativity, one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the world, built over the cave that tradition marks as the birthplace of Prophet Issa. Departure to Hebron “Khalil alrahman”, built by the Canaanites around 4000 BC. You will be taken around the Casba, the historic center of the city, endowed with an exceptional historical heritage, to reach the Khalil Al Rahman mosque, "the sacred place of the friend of God" to visit the maqam Al nabi Ibrahim, Ishac, Yacoub ﷺ and their wives. Passage by Halhul to visit Maqam Nabi Yunus. Dinner and overnight at Al-Quds.



Day 4: Al Quds - Jericho - Dead Sea
After breakfast, you will depart for a green oasis near the Dead Sea: Jericho, the lowest city in the world is located 250 meters below sea level. Jericho was made famous by the discovery of one of the oldest cities of the Levant dating from the eighth millennium BC. Stop in Nabi Moussa mosque, this great pilgrimage place was built in 1269 CE in commemoration to the prophet Moses. Continue to Jericho, you will admire the Mount of Temptation, “Jabel Al Nabi Issa” which overlooks the oasis. Then visit Qasr Hisham, in the north of the oasis, where the Umayyads built a palace in the 8th century CE, which holds the inescapable treasure of Jericho, an 850 square meter floor mosaic, the largest and best preserved in the Middle East. Route to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth 400m below sea level, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the indescribable feeling of floating on the Dead Sea. This sea is the richest and saltiest place on Earth. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Al Quds.


Day 5: Alquds – Nablus - Ramallah
After breakfast, travel to the city of Nablus, one of the Palestine’s largest cities, and one of the oldest cities in the world. Nablus has been ruled by many empires over the course of its almost 6000-year-long history. The mountainous landscapes, the city's soap factories, its olive oil and oriental pastries- the "Kenafeh" - are among the many charms of this city of great Levantine Arab traditions. Visit the Old City of Nablus and the market/souq. Drive to Ramallah, the place currently acting as the administrative capital of the Palestinian Authority. Visit Al Mouqataa and the Arafat museum.  Back to Alquds. Dinner and overnight.


Day 6: Al Quds – Jaffa – Haiffa – Akko
Drive along the Mediterranean coast to the old and legendary Palestinian city of Jaffa, south of the actual Tel-Aviv. Visit the old city and Al Mohamadya mosque. Head north towards Haifa, a port city located at the top of Mount Carmel, a coastal mountain overlooking the Mediterranean coast. The Baha'i Gardens are one of the emblematic sites of Haifa with its hanging terraces, sculpted in the mountain, connected by a series of stairs, with, in its center, the golden dome mausoleum of the Báb, the world center and spiritual of the Baha'i religion. Continue to Acre, the Ancient town of St. John of Acre. It was the Crusaders who for two centuries made the city an important base. Its high, fortified walls overlooking the sea are a feast for the eyes. You will visit there El Jazzar Mosque, the Caravanserai and oriental bazaar dating back to the nineteenth century. Dinner and overnight in Al Quds.

Day 7 – Al Quds – Tel Aviv
After breakfast, transfer to Tel-Aviv for departure flight

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    Day 1: Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem

    Arrival at Tel-Aviv airport. Welcome and reception by a member of our team, transfer to Jerusalem. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Jerusalem.

    Day 2: Jerusalem

    Start the visit with the old city of Jerusalem. In the Old City, you will encounter oriental charm and be plunged into the souk’s colourful alleys, which take you to the meeting places of the three major monotheistic religions: The Via Dolorosa believed to be the path that Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion. In addition, the Holy Sepulchre which houses both the place of Calvary and the tomb of Christ. Passing through the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Armenian districts, you can contemplate the vestiges and the religious and architectural imprints left by the different peoples who lived there. Continuation the visit by taking the ancient Roman road, the Cardo, located in the heart of the old town up to Mont Sion where you will discover the Dormition Abbey, the cave of the last Supper and the tomb of King David. We visit Saint-Peter-in-Gallicantu Church, also known as the “Church of the Cock”. We end the day with a stroll through the Armenian quarter to the Jaffa Gate. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Jerusalem.

    Day 3: Jerusalem – Bethlehem – Tel Aviv

    Day starts with the Wailing Wall visit, the holy place of Judaism, then the esplanade of the mosques the third holiest religious site in Islam. It contains the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, the gem emblematic of the Holy Land, its golden dome shining brilliantly on the Jerusalem skyline. Then visit the Mount of Olives, with its 827m altitude, it offers a wonderful panoramic view of the old town and has places of great importance for the three monotheistic religions. Visit the chapel of Dominus Flevit, recalls the Gospel incident in which Jesus wept over the future fate of Jerusalem. Descent from the Mount to the Garden of Olive Trees with the Church of All Nations, Gethsemane, the place where Jesus would have prayed before his arrest. Departure for Bethlehem located 10 km from Jerusalem to discover the Basilica of the Nativity, one of the oldest churches in the world, built above the cave where Jesus was born. Visit Milk Grotto and the historic centre; walk through the old quarters and market. Transfer to Tel-Aviv airport for departure.