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The Abraham Path/Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil

The Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil (Abraham Path) is a fascinating hiking and cycling route through Palestine’s history, culture and incredible landscapes.
It is not a coincidence that National Geographic Traveler chose Palestine’s Abraham Path as its #1 walking trail in 2014, and announced the 2018 Trek of the Year 2018 by Trek Magazine.
Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil is a long-distance cultural hiking route in Palestine. The trail is 330 km long and extends from the city of Jenin in the north to southwest of Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi (Ibrahimi Mosque) in Hebron. The trail passes through more than 50 cities and villages. Masar Ibrahim al Khalil provides a place of meeting and connection for people of all faiths and cultures, inviting us to remember our common origins, to respect our cultural differences, and to recognize our shared humanity. This is more than just a hiking trail, it is a walking cultural path, which leads deep into the memory and heritage of the Palestinian people, inviting you to discover family life of the villages, the proud ways of the Bedouin, and the age-old traditions of hospitality that lie at the heart of Palestinian life. The path also serves as a catalyst for sustainable tourism and socio-economic develop of rural communities.


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